Musa Ismaili died under torture by the occupying forces of Iran.


Musa Ismaili died under torture by the occupying forces of Iran.

Two months after the arrest of Musa Ismaili, the Urmia Intelligence Department has warned his family to visit government agencies to get his son's corpse.
Musa Ismaili, 35, from Paswe, Piranshar, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards on May 17th.His family was informed today that he had been executed. This crime has been committed at a time when no stage of the trial of this betrayed son of Kurdistan has been taken into account, even according to the law of their own injustice. Therefore, it is likely that he died under severe torture by Tehran's authorities.
As long as Iran's sovereignty over Kurdistan continues, the heads, property and dignity of the Kurdish people will always be in danger. With the continuation of the sovereignty of the occupying Persian state over our country, our victims will increase. The path of liberation, peace and happiness of the Kurds as a whole depends on the overthrow of this colonial regime and the achievement of the Kurdistan state and independence. Musa's blood should be another incentive for the struggle for Kurdistan's independence.

Kurdistan Freedom Party
Media Committee
July 8,2023

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