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Statement of the Kurdistan Freedom Party-PAK On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne




Statement of the Kurdistan Freedom Party-PAK
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of Lausanne


One hundred years have passed since the Treaty of Lausanne. The treaty without the participation of the Kurds and without taking into account the identity, rights and national will of the Kurds, according to the consequences of the war and on the basis of the interests of the winning states; it divided Kurdistan and the Kurds to four states.Thus, Kurdistan became an international colony that did not justify the rights of the colonized.The political arrangements in the region as a result of the Treaty of Lausanne not only undermined Kurdish national unity and divided Kurdish nationalism into four different parts; Kurdistan and Kurds were subjected to military occupation, looting of national wealth, systematic assimilation, linguistic genocide and imposition of false identities, forced relocation and demographic change, individual and mass killings and genocide by four states: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Red Kurdistan, as the fifth part of divided Kurdistan, went through a similar situation.
The change of Kurdistan's political destiny from the Treaty of Sevres to the Treaty of Lausanne, if on the one hand was the product of changes in political and military culture and changing interests of the powers; on the other hand, it was the result of the weakness of Kurdish nationalism, the lack of national unity and the division of the Kurds into the discourse of independence and autonomy, leaving us behind the nationalism of its rivals.
Despite the dark night of Lausanne and its consequences on Kurds and Kurdistan, a group of heroic leaders of the country, by organizing a series of uprisings against the invaders of Kurdistan, in the midst of this political fog, painted the horizon of freedom and independence. In the following decades, Kurdistan has revolted against its invaders in every part of Kurdistan.
In the past century, thanks to the resistance and uprising of our great and tireless nation, the invaders of Kurdistan not only failed to achieve their goal of destroying the Kurds and erasing Kurdistan, but also incurred heavy blood and expenses. At the same time, the nations whose states became invaders, plunderers and killers of Kurdistan and Kurdistanis also shed rivers of blood and remained in the bondage of dictatorship and totalitarianism.
Today, a century has passed since that treacherous and oppressive treaty. However, in our view, neither the century of the treaty justifies nor the 100 years of suffering under the rule and sovereignty of the occupying states of Kurdistan, nor the hope and will to lift the shackles of our colonial system.

   We are the believers of the path that 32 years ago, under the leadership of martyr Saeed Yazdanpana, broke the path of independence and statehood of Kurdistan in the political and Peshmerga arena of East Kurdistan; With the breath of rebellion and not submitting to the colonial system of the Persian state, we will not officially recognize any international document and any border that has deprived our great nation of its freedom and right to political self-determination.
We will struggle and uprise on our territory to expel the invaders from our country, end the sovereignty of any invader and deprive us of national sovereignty and independence. We will fight for an end to the political order of Lausanne and the restoration of the right to self-determination for our nation.
     We call on the sons of our great nation to prepare themselves to create conditions for national freedom and to take advantage of every political opportunity to break the shackles of national slavery. We insist that no opportunity should be allowed to be wasted in the desire to democratize and stay with those states that have no agenda in the past century except crimes and looting against the Kurds and Kurdistan.
Kurdistan's freedom and independence flag is shining

Kurdistan Freedom Party-PAK
General Assembly
July 24, 2023

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