Message of Kurdistan Freedom Youth Organization (RAK) on the occasion of World Youth Day



Message of Kurdistan Freedom Youth Organization (RAK) on the occasion of World Youth Day.

The youth are the pioneers and flag bearers of the path of Kurdistan's independence

Brave and courageous youth of Kurdistan!
Kurdish struggling boys and girls!

The youth of the Kurdish nation can only achieve their rights by breaking the artificial borders and ending the sovereignty and power of the occupying state over our country and in a free and independent Kurdistan.

Despite the occupation and division of Kurdistan and the attempts of the occupying states to erase our nation and commit all kinds of crimes against the sons of this nation, and not being unaware of their attacks and conspiracies against youth. They have become young again.

However, the youth have always been at the forefront of the struggle to expel the invaders from Kurdistan and have played an active and strong role in the Kurdistan liberation movement.
  In the past year, the world has witnessed the courage of Kurdish youth.
The youth of East Kurdistan have been a symbol of courage, perseverance and unbreakable hope of our nation throughout the uprising.
In the uprising of life, the youth were the strength, energy and flame of the uprising. In the streets, squares, schools, universities, villages and cities, the steel will, brave voices and national slogans of the youth set fire to the occupying enemy and faced the attacks of the forces under Tehran's command in the fields.
Today, August 12, is the International Youth Day and on this day, Kurdistan Freedom Youth Organization congratulates all Kurdistan youth in general and the youth of the East in particular. Happy International Youth Day to the brave boys and girls of the East who faced the forces of the occupying Persian state in the fields to defend our national rights during the Zhina Uprising.
Happy International Youth Day to the tireless sons and daughters of the Kurdistan National Army and the Kurdistan Freedom Party who have carried out their national and Peshmerga duties with responsibility and have taken the path of Kurdistan's independence and the expulsion of the invaders.

Kurdistan Freedom Youth Organization (PAK)
August 12, 2023

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